Korona19 The inflow of foreign countries is increasing, but the immigration quarantine can shop outside the country.

Amid reports of the inflow of new coronavirus (Korona 19) into foreign countries, concerns are growing over the spread of the local community as some inbound travelers have failed to keep their own prices.

The government plans to apply the principle of zero tolerance to self-price interest rates and force foreigners to leave the country.

"From now on, foreigners will be forced to leave the country and Koreans will not be paid 1.23 million won per four-person family," said Park Jong-hyun, head of the public relations management team 부달 of the Pan-Government Countermeasures Headquarters, at a regular briefing held at the Sejong Government Complex on Wednesday.

Park went on to stress that the police will apply a "code system" to those who leave the quarantine area to be rushed to the area and receive corresponding measures. Code Zero is the highest level of emergency among police work manuals.

The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters also said, "We will immediately file complaints based on the principle of zero tolerance in case of violation of self-price obligations, such as those who enter foreign countries subject to self-price policies leave their own prices without due cause."

When asked about the "right reasons" for breaking away from self-price, Yoon Tae-ho, head of the quarantine division at the Central Accident Investigation Headquarters, said that there will be various cases, meaning that if there are obvious lies or mistakes, such as answering that he is at home and doing something else outside of the home, he will take measures based on how to prevent infectious diseases.

The government also decided not to grant entry permits unless those who are eligible for self-price pricing among overseas arrivals such as Europe and the U.S. set up an "app for security protection for qualified applicants."

The government will also open a "safety newspaper high school" and a reporting center by local governments to report residents to root out self-price interest rates from recklessness. Departments with reporting centers for each local government will take corresponding measures if they report that they leave their own prices.

According to the company, there were a total of 11 cases of self-price disorder detected by the app from July 13 to 24.
The government's plan to strengthen self-price prices stems from a number of cases in which self-price people secretly go out to meet people and shop, and even go to work in earnest.

In particular, even though he was ordered to self-price, he received treatment in the emergency room of the hospital without informing the health center or the hospital or opened a store to receive customers and was confirmed.

According to the report by the Central Discharge Countermeasures Headquarters of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 57 confirmed cases of Korona19 from abroad as of midnight on Wednesday. So far, a total of 284 confirmed overseas inflow has been confirmed, with 90 percent being Koreans and 10 percent being foreigners.

Of the 104 new confirmed cases, 57 were brought in from abroad, 30 were confirmed during the quarantine phase and 27 confirmed by the community, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, adding that 49 were Koreans and eight foreigners.

"There have been a total of 284 cases involving overseas inflow so far, of which Koreans account for 90 percent of them with 253 and foreigners with 21," he said.

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