The controversy over Park Ji-yoon's family trip..."Husband Choi Dong-suk reveals remorse"

KBS said it has warned announcer Choi Dong-seok, who caused controversy over "social distance."

KBS delivered its position on the controversy surrounding announcer 유흥정보 Choi through the free bulletin board of the viewers' counseling center on Wednesday. KBS reported that announcer Choi accepted the viewer's criticism and expressed his intention to reflect on his inappropriate behavior and be careful.

To prevent the spread of Korona19, announcer Choi has been rumored to have been on family trips these days, when the "social distance keeping" campaign is in full swing. The fact that announcer Choi came back from a family trip was revealed when her wife, Park Ji-yoon, posted a photo on her Instagram on Saturday.

Internet users who saw the photo demanded that social distance be protected, and a war of words broke out when Park replied, "There were only family members in the private condo." Park also posted a message, "There are so many professional uncomfortable people these days." Park Ji-yoon eventually posted an apology as the controversy grew.

Criticism continued, with Park's apology also followed by her husband, announcer Choi, calling for her to leave "News 9."

Regarding this matter, KBS said, "I understand that Park Ji-yoon posted an apology and explanation through his social networking service last night."

"In this regard, KBS has warned announcer Choi to behave as an announcer for the public broadcaster, and we will make sure that all members of KBS will actively participate in overcoming the Korona crisis with all their duties as public broadcasters."

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